Beyond the Battlefields: Käthe Buchler’s Photographs of Germany in the Great War


Images ©Estate of Käthe Buchler – Museum für Photographie Braunschweig/ Deposit Stadtarchive Braunschweig

Beyond the Battlefields presents a unique series of images made by photographer Käthe Buchler (1876-1930) in Germany before, during and after World War One, and which are part of the collection of the Museum of Photography in Braunschweig – where Buchler lived and worked.

Buchler’s exquisitely posed portraits and landscapes are the vision of a respectable, bourgeois wife and mother, a pillar of her community with significant technical expertise and a remarkable (and little known) aesthetic vision.

This exhibition marks the first time the photographs have been displayed outside Germany, making this a very special occasion.  These are rare images offering an extraordinary and very personal insight into Germany during WW1, with a special focus on the home front, of the lives of the women and children.

The exhibition will remain open until Saturday 5 May. It is a collaboration between Everyday Lives in War (University of Hertfordshire) and Voices of War and Peace (University of Birmingham), working with the Museum Für Photographie, Braunschweig, UH Galleries and Departure Lounge (Luton)

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