First World War Military Tribunal Workshop – Video Clips

In September 2015 the Everyday Lives in War Centre held an event which looked at the role played by the military tribunal following the introduction of conscription in 1916. You can see the unedited film of the day here.

Below are links to some edited clips to give you a flavour of what was discussed (figures in brackets refer to the starting point of each talk)

You can also see a short report of the event at

A second event was held in May 2016 to look at the very particular issue of conscription and a film of that day will be posted on the website soon.

Introduction – Dr. Jim Beach (University of Northampton)



Why Conscription (23 mins) – Dr. Jim Beach (University of Northampton)






The Other Side of the Desk: Tribunals from the Tribunalists’ perspective (58 mins) – Dr Jim McDermott







Using tribunal materials for Home Front History (147mins) – Dr. Sally Sokoloff






The Decisions of the St Albans City Tribunal and their Effect on Local Business (177mins) – Patricia Broad & Jon Mein, (St. Albans Home Front Project)


Jon and Patricia are both members of the St. Albans & Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society. They are two of a group of volunteers who have been working on the story of the Home Front in St. Albans during the First World War, helped by the survival of the Register and Minute Books of the St. Albans City Tribunal. A book showing what they have discovered will be published in September 2016 – St Albans: life on the home front, 1914-1918 (University of Hertfordshire Press)









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