Recent Talks by Centre Members

Members of the Everyday Lives in War centre have been busy sharing their research at various events over the last few months.

Michael Roper gave a paper on children of disabled soldiers at the IHR’s Life-Cycles Seminar in early May and went to Turkey later that month for the Canakkale / Gallipoli Wars 2015 International Conference, arriving just after the centenary of the Anzac Landing (25th April). The peninsula was abuzz with Australians and New Zealanders, along with Turkish people visiting the various memorials to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, each engaged in a kind of parallel tourism. Among the conference speakers were battlefield experts and cultural historians of the Gallipoli campaign from Turkey, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Michael said

My grand-father fought at Lone Pine and it was an extraordinary experience to visit the site in the company of these experts, and to give a paper on my grandfather’s memoirs of Gallipoli so close to the site.

On the 16 June Owen Davies gave a talk to the Wheathampstead History Society on ‘Magic, Amulets and Mascots during the First World War’.

Jim Beach spoke to the Friends of the Intelligence Corps Museum at their annual lunch with lectures on 16 April. The title of his talk was ‘Everyday Life of the Intelligence Soldier: Vince Schürhoff, 1916-1918’. A copy of Vince’s First World War diary is held by the Military Intelligence Museum. Jim has edited this diary and it will be published in October by the Army Records Society.



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