Children of the Great War memorial collection day

The University of Essex will host a collection day on 18 July, giving people an opportunity to share their family memories of the First World War.

Do you have a relative who fought in the Great War, served in the Ambulance Corps, worked in munitions or faced the war on the home front? Does your family have treasured objects from the period that act as reminders of those events? If so please get in touch so that your family’s memories of the war can be added to Age Exchange’s ‘Children of the Great War’ project which has already recorded 127 family stories in the London area and is now collecting the experiences of people in East Anglia.

A team of specialists will conduct an interview of up to 45 minutes to record your remembrances, and will photograph your memorabilia, letters, photographs or other artefacts. The material collected will contribute to a university research project that Professor Michael Roper is undertaking on the legacy of the war in British families, and will also be archived at Europeana 1914-1918, the online international Great War website for the use of future generations.

Download a copy of the leaflet here.

Find out more about the Children of the Great War project here.




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