Making Histories, Sharing Histories Putting University – Community Collaboration into Practice

Our final Centre publication is an open-access guide to collaborative working. Co-written with the Voices of War & Peace, First World War Engagement Centre, Making Histories, Sharing Histories shows how heritage can enable diverse communities to tell their own stories of belonging. Through a focus on ten activities, it shows what research collaboration might look or feel like. For each activity, we explain what we did, the issues we had to address and what we had learned by the end of the process. We also indicate why we found it worthwhile to work in this way. This booklet aims to offer practical guidance and to inspire further ideas. Above all, we hope that our experience will liberate others from uncertainties and problems that we have already encountered.

Making Histories, Sharing Histories (Black and white text)

Making Histories, Sharing Histories (Low resolution)

Making Histories, Sharing Histories (High Resolution)

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