The Woman of Westmoor takes centre stage at Kingsbury Episcopi WW1 Centenary Commemorative Event

After 3 years of extensive researches, a Heritage Lottery Grant and the support of the Parish Community, Kingsbury Time Travellers held their Centenary Commemorative Event in the New Community Centre on the last Sunday of September.

Many of the men who left the Parish in 1914 for the War had been involved in the withy business, as did their parents. The main area of growing was Westmoor. Today only a small area is maintained and used in community withy workshops, workshops with the local primary school and for the annual May Festival.

At the Commemorative event were willow crosses and hurdles made by primary school pupils. A central, and focal point was – The Woman Of Westmoor. Created by Maurice Fawcett from the Parish, the sculpture was interlaced with sunflowers grown in the Parish, hung with Memory Cards,  and with copies of this poem by Elanor Farjeon written in the Spring of 1917. The poem was also inscribed onto brass plates which along with a relief model of the Parish has gone into our 6 public-access buildings.

The poem – with its reference to apples (Kingsbury Episcopi is a major national producer of cider apples) –The Woman of Westmoor, created from willow, was a representation of all the women of the Parish during WW1. The willow tradition is part of the cultural and historical traditions of the Parish.

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The Everyday Lives in War Centre was delighted to share in the event through the presence of 8 standalone banners from their collaborative Basketry Then & Now project.

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