The First World War and the Americas From the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego

As part of their First World War Centenary programme The National Archives is hosting a conference on the Americas, which will address the impact of the conflict across the length and breadth of the two continents.

Speakers will discuss the conflict experiences of those living far from the battlefield, including war enthusiasm, loss and the longer term impact on memory and national identity. They will also consider some of the other ways in which the conflict affected the Americas, notably through trade and economic development. In doing so the event will explore some of the war’s untold stories far away from the Western Front and highlight why it was a truly global conflict.

Everyday Lives in War Centre member, Dr. Kent Fedorowich (University of the West of England, Bristol) will be sharing his research on the impact of the war in Canada in his paper entitled ‘‘The True North Strong and Free’ Canada’s War at Home, 1914-1919’.

For more details of the programme and how to book, click here.

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