Conscientious Objection and Resistance to the First World War

Conscientious Objection and Resistance to the First World War

11.00-17.00 Saturday March 19th 2016.

Leeds City Museum, Leeds, UK.

As a group interested in aspects of resistance to the First World War, we would like to invite your participation in a one-day event that will explore the different ways in which people opposed the war. It will coincide with the centenary of the introduction of conscription in Britain, but will also explore wider national and local aspects of resistance.

Confirmed speakers so far include Cyril Pearce, Lois Bibbings, Julian Putkowski and Martin Crick on the experience and representation of Conscientious Objectors, Nick Hiley and Chloe Mason on the case of Alice Wheeldon and the role of the Secret Service in policing dissent in the UK. Cyril Pearce will also be introducing his CO database and accompanying maps showing hotspots of CO activity.

There will be opportunities to share your own findings and experiences of researching aspects of war resistance as well as to learn more about other groups interested in similar areas. If this appeals to you perhaps you would let us know, in outline, what you have been doing and how you would like to present it. It doesn’t have to be a formal talk and presentation, although we are expecting some of those, displays, publications and even film or video would be very welcome. The more we know at this stage the better we can plan the day.

We hope you will be able to join us for the day – please let us know whether you are interested in coming and give us a rough estimate of how many people might be attending. A more formal registration will be available nearer the date but it would help our planning to have advance indications of interest.

The day forms part of a 3 day conference looking at international aspects of resistance to the First World War – please let us know if you would like more details of the rest of the programme.

Ingrid Sharp, University of Leeds (






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