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Christopher Phillips

Institutional affiliation (if any): Leeds Trinity University

Heritage/community group affiliation (if any): NA

Research interests My primary interests are in the military history of the First World War, specifically upon the effects of interactions between the military, government, and private enterprise. My doctoral thesis considered the contribution of civilian transport experts to the transport and supply services operating on behalf of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front. Outside my area of expertise, I am also interested in the ways in which the First World War has been commemorated, and in considering new approaches to the teaching of the First World War both inside and outside of traditional educational settings.

Research tags:

Broad: Military history, business history, commemoration. Narrow: Transport and logistics, education.

Regional interests: Western Front, Great Britain.

Contact details Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, professional website, personal website/blog: C.Phillips@leedstrinity.ac.uk, @DoctorCPhillips, http://research.leedstrinity.ac.uk/en/persons/christopher-phillips(e8e20f91-dbc7-46e7-9bd5-c20c6272fb3e).html

‘Would like to meet’: Interested in collaborating with other scholars considering the logistical and administrative aspects of industrial warfare, and with those working in schools, universities, museums and libraries about fresh perspectives and approaches to the presentation of the war.